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Author Topic: Calder Recordings - Online Mixing and Mastering  (Read 1287 times)

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June 03, 2013, 06:37:15 PM
Want to get your tracks mixed and mastered by the pros? Calder Recordings is pleased to announce a new online mixing and mastering service! With over forty years of industry experience, our staff will mix and master your tracks to perfection, ready for world wide release!

Simply select your service and upload your tracks, pay securely via PayPal, and then sit back while our engineers do all the work within our first class mixing and mastering facilities. We mix down using a pure analogue signal path for maximum fidelity and we will use top class outboard to complete your project to the highest level. We allow you to feedback changes to the mix and supply references so we can work together to achieve your goal. Whether you just need a great drum mix or a highly polished master ready for release, we're sure you won't be dissapointed.

It's cheaper than you think to give your music the attention it deserves. For more details and pricing, visit us online at