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Author Topic: If the client's not happy neither am I  (Read 1391 times)

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May 18, 2013, 07:37:01 PM
Hi everyone, my name is Leo Alvarez and I'm a mix/mastering engineer.
My way of thinking towards what I do is simple, I like to make sure that anyone who works with me leaves with a good experience and a great sounding track. I myself had several experiences that cost me a lot of money and disappointment and because I AM a musician I have a great  deal of respect for the music entrusted to me. I will discuss with the client what his/her expectations of the material are and do everything I can to achieve this. Examples of my work can be found here Among the examples there's a before/after comparison of the NYC band's Soundspeak track called Stockholm where you can get a clear perspective as to what can be achieved. My email is and I can also be reached at 787 314 8522. My rates are flexible and if you are not happy with the end result you don't pay, simple. I'll do a mix free of charge to make sure that I'm the right fit to your music.
Looking forward to working with you ;D  
Leo Alvarez
Soundjunkies recording services
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