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March 01, 2013, 04:46:18 AM
Audio Mastering - Morrison Studios

Morrison Studios is a professional audio engineering studio located in Boulder Creek, California.

We specialize in hybrid (analog/digital) Mastering.

Our Mastering services include: * e-Mastering * CD Mastering * Vinyl Mastering * Stem Mastering

We treat mastering as an art form itself, not simply a function.

We don't just "master" your material, we take it to a completely different level. We unveil and accentuate important details that dramatically improve both the sonic and emotional impact of your material. Everyday mixes are transformed into superlative masters!

To deliver the level of improvement needed to satisfy our requirements, we developed our own audio mastering process and technique, utilizing a combination of the latest audio technologies, black art, trained and discerning ears, and a passion for delivering the best possible listening experience.

Experience what great mastering can do for your music!

Please contact Simon Morrison to get started:
Phone: +1 408 391 1570
E-mail: click here
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