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Author Topic: Please Read Before Posting for a Mix Engineer  (Read 5629 times)

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March 02, 2011, 05:39:06 PM
This section is for auditioning mix engineers only, 'just for fun' mixoffs should be posted in the appropriate genre section.

If you're looking for a mix engineer, please post here, and include the following info:

Scope of the project (are you looking for someone to do just this song, or an album, etc)

Pay scale (everything is negotiable in life, but you should give an idea of your budget for mixing)

Timeline (how soon do you need someone, and how soon does the project need to be finished, etc)

The usual stylistic preferences, reference songs if the band is going for a particular sound, etc

Please include key signature and BPM, and posting lyrics can be helpful, if they're available. does not provide any payment or 'escrow' type services, you'll need to negotiate payment terms privately. Check people out before wiring them money!

Please share only the first verse and chorus of your song, if you want to get the best mixers competing. No one wants to spend good time on a mix, only to have it used without credit, etc. Thanks!
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