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July 16, 2012, 10:55:03 PM
At AMR Studio, it’s our priority to help your recordings be unique, not only through collaboration, but through the overall experience of editing and mixing. It’s our job to help create music that will captivate listeners in a way that cultivates a new era of music. Our mission is to provide artists with a place for their recordings to be mixed that’s relaxed, effective, and professional. We want to help your band or project move forward while growing in your abilities as an artist. We are dedicated in the enhancement of matchless performances through the art of mixing. We don’t just mix records, we make history! Let us help you on your musical journey.

Mastering: We work closely with designated mastering studios to ensure your mix reaches its highest potential! We won't pretend to master your project, we send it to the pro's!

For a complete list of our Online Mixing Packages follow this link:


Stephen Adwell
Mixing Engineer
832-589-0MIX (0649)

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