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Author Topic: Tonelux 500 series hardware processors  (Read 3343 times)

May 18, 2012, 03:53:25 PM

I just wanted to comment on the Tonelux brand of signal processors.

I recently bought their 500 series rack and extender, along with one pair of each of their processors:

The MP5a mic preamp, the TX5c compressor, and the EQ5p EQ .

They all sound amazing. I had been mixing an album, and not been happy with the ITB stereo buss processing I was using (no names included for their protection).

Once I bought these and hooked them up to my system, I ended up going back and remixing the entire album. It is a joy to be able to process through these pieces of hardware. More depth, more accurate compression, and better stereo imaging. It really is true that hardware can be better than plug-ins, at least in the case of these processors.