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Author Topic: Darrell Lehman - Mixing, Mastering, Tracking  (Read 1541 times)

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May 07, 2012, 07:51:52 PM
Located in the Pocono Mountains near East Stroudsburg, PA

I am a Nashville experienced Mixing and Recording Engineer catering to both Rock and Pop Artists. My goal is to be a chameleon on your project and work to achieve your goal as producer. I have years of experience achieving many styles of sounds in both tracking and mixing.

MuteMath, Newsboys, Paul Colman Trio, Tree 63, Via Linota, Skeeterz, Ty Brown, Auna Mae, Planet Ink, Falling Up, Article One, Sonic Flood, Epic Season, Misty Armour, The Listening, Lainey Wright, Brenton Brown, The Band Perry, Scott Brownson, Leeland Nelson, Club of the Sons, Michael Alvorado, Knapsack Heroes, Robbie Seay Band, Gentlemen at Arms, and more...

NHT M60 and S80 Mastering System
Hi-End Mytek AD and DA Converters
Cubase and Protools DAW Software
Dynamics: Distressor, Overstayer VCA, FMR RNC
SCA Pres and Tube Pres
A Large Mic Collection
I auditioned many plugins before I chose my set of plugins for mixing!
Guitar and Amp Collection for Tracking and reamping during mix

A Bit about Online Mixing:
I have an exceptionally fast FTP server which allows me to receive and send multitracks and mixes over the internet!
I have a hybrid mix setup: Combining Hardware Dynamics, EQ, Reverb, Amps and Distortion into a fully recall-able software mixing environment.
I will work with you doing free revisions to help you achieve your goal on each mix.
I can stream you a mix as I work allowing real time feedback all while you are listening on your favorite speakers at your studio or at home.

Prices: Rate Per Song: From $75 for a simple "In The Box" Mix. To $250 for the deluxe full day+ analog/Digital Hybrid Mix.

Check out my web site at
Hear my Mixes at
Email me at

Darrell Lehman
Hybrid Analog and Digital Mixing and Mastering, Tracking
Cubase, Protools, NHT PRO M60/S80's, Mytek Converters, Overstayer VCA, Distressor EL8X, RNC, CP10, SCA Pres, Mics, Guitars, Amps...