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Author Topic: Mixoff Contest with Ermin Hamidovic - Win Ermin's New eBook!  (Read 54488 times)

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May 21, 2012, 09:22:08 PM

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May 22, 2012, 12:51:40 AM

Well here is my attempt at this monster of a track.

Hey Jon,

Was it intentional to not reamp the guitars? I had hoped originally that the artist would have provided the reamps we rolled with, but as unfortunately that wasn't the case, the onus is on the mixer to do that. I have to admit that the song sounds very odd with the guitars left as DI tracks, as that's rather not the desired effect for the song.

My suggestion would be to work to get a bit more extremes on the tracks. The vocals seem to be on the muffled side, while the other tracks are somewhat present yet they don't really cut through or involve themselves in the tapestry of the song. The overall vibe is very mono, despite there being tracks clearly out to the sides. A fair bit more fundamental mixing work (after reamping!) would really help this one pop.

Thanks for the submission!

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May 22, 2012, 01:01:44 AM
hey, here's my entry:

It's actually one of my first mixes so I'm really looking forward to some feedbacks :) thank you

Nice glitching! This mix seems to have a short-room vibe about itself, which is fairly novel. I like how you've kept the guitars up, acknowledging that it is at heart a rock song and those are fundamental to what the listener would be expecting.

Was the snare kept entirely raw? I'm feeling like a lot of its character could be coming from the overhead tracks, as the snare itself is very stereo, with not much solidity in the center of the image. It also doesn't seem to possess a lot of body. Perhaps take a look at what might be done there in order to get it to pop, and contain a bit more girth within the track.

Likewise with the bass drum, I'm unsure what part of the chain could be causing it, but there is some uncomfortable tearing going on during the hit. Are you perhaps limiting it heavily?

My feeling would be to balance the kick-snare relationship in a way where it works with itself, then start to look at other elements from there. It couldn't hurt to open up the top-end across the entire song, perhaps make a few notches for clarity across the midrange and allow the arrangement to breathe just a touch more.

Cheers for that!

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May 22, 2012, 01:25:57 AM

Here is my try.

Thanks a lot for the nice track really!

Nice somber vibe on the intro, once again quite a unique take on the song. Love the solidity and girth of the bass when it comes in on the slapping. What happened to the rhythm guitars on the chorus though? We're losing so much energy here, through only using the backing vocals to hold the section. Getting the rhythms back in will get a ton of energy into the song.

My only other suggestion would be to spend a little more time carving away at the vocals - embed them into the body of the song. Creating a tapestry rather than having tracks sitting alongside, or on top of each other would be ideal. Once everything feels 'nested', the song will open up as a whole. Wouldn't hurt to get some more distortion in there, as at its heart it's definitely a rock song!

I am quite digging the vibe that the effected clean lead guitar is adding to the song though. It's a very interesting approach!

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May 22, 2012, 01:34:43 AM
Here's mine I guess. I'm sad to say I haven't had the chance to put all the time in this that it deserves. It's been busy and I'm leaving town for some FoH work this weekend, so this will have to do. No time for editing/tuning, dotting i's and crossing t's.

I did my best to take it in a different direction to keep it fresh, but I haven't heard any of the other mixes yet, so I may end up sounding exactly like the others :)

I stripped it down some and made some creative decisions that I would and should never get away with if this were a real client, but it's all in good fun I guess. Guitars, synths and electronic drums have taken more of a backseat in favor of the holy drum/bass/leadvox-trinity compared to Ermin's original mix. I tried to make it as dry as I could get away with without sounding small or thin. A poppy kind of punchy-in-yer-face watchamacallit sound... Or something...

Thanks a lot Ermin and Memnoir! Great song and the original mix is freakin' awesome!

Nice balancing work! This mix has a good 'all-rounder' feel to it, which to me is a fundamental aspect of translating music. You've haven't focused too much in some areas, and left others neglected. Most elements are quite audible, and the section transitions all make sense. I like your take on the effects too!

My main suggestion would be to open the tracks up into the extremes. Don't be afraid to have the kick and bass punching lower, and the highs be airier. It's like the use of stark contrast on photography - it can often enhance the depth of the source content and reveal new textures which weren't immediately perceptible. Some more front-to-back work using delays and reverbs to open up the song would not go amiss either!


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Digital mixing and mastering.

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May 22, 2012, 06:00:30 AM
Aiight, here's mine:

This were fun!

Hey there,

Interesting subdued take on this one.

For my own personal take on the music, this would not be an approach I would use, as it removes a lot of the inherent energy and aggression from the music. The kick is way back there, the guitars are very clean, and most of the mix elements are coming through somewhat muffled sounding. My recommendation would be to get in there, really beef the kick and bass up, get some more distortion on the guitars and start boosting some global high-end on the mix. Don't be afraid to get more aggressive with compression either, as tracks like this commonly need it to establish a sense of motion.


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May 22, 2012, 06:12:36 AM

Nice Slate-esque drums there! :). It might be obvious to the observer, as it's closer along the lines of the original mix, but I like the more aggressive approach you've used on this mix. I think it complements the nature of the song well, and the judicious use of compression helps punctuate the groove and movement of the music.

If I might suggest, the mix appears to shrink a touch on the choruses. Consider decongesting the guitars across the upper midrange to see whether you can get some back-to-front space and allow the vocals and synthesis to sit a bit more effortlessly. It can be an endless battle, but getting some more clean, punchy bass out of the bass guitar would be a good move. Since the kick sample is quite 'clean' in nature, you can afford to 'tetris' the bass around it more aggressively. It feels like the bass is focused more around the mid-bass part of the spectrum, whereas it could afford to go lower and get more expansive/dense.

Thanks for that!

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May 22, 2012, 06:18:09 AM
Hi Guys :)
Maybe i'm late, but this is my try at it :)

Thanks to Ermin :)

PS: i've listened many mixes, and they are all good, but i think 140dbSPL has done the best one for now, great job dude :)

Hey Joe,

Thanks for taking a stab at this. I like how wide your choruses get on this. They feel like they really open up.

I'm a little apprehensive about the lead vocal sounding so 'on-top' of, and disconnected from every other mix element. I would endeavor to try and nestle it amongst the instruments more naturally, and create a greater sense of overall cohesion. From a mix balancing point of view, you may want to remove some bass content from the lower-mids and let it sing more clearly in the lows. Overall a bit more separation would definitely help things come along here and breathe more easily.

These tracks want to take up a lot of space, and you really need to get aggressive with your carving work in order to make them sing well with each other.

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May 22, 2012, 06:22:40 AM
Hi Ermin and everyone else! Here's my go at the song. Not 100% happy with the solidness and glue of the vocals but overall I'm happy with the mix! Was really fun to mix it and a very good recording.

Hey there,

Glad to hear that you had fun mixing it. That's what these comps are all about.

What immediately strikes me about this mix is that you may be wanting to get more aggressive overall with your processing. The tracks sound quite raw to me, and as such don't take on much of a 'finished product', 'radio' type flavor. It's perfectly okay to make some drastic moves in order to get the mix where it needs to go.