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Author Topic: Mixoff Contest with Ermin Hamidovic - Win Ermin's New eBook!  (Read 53572 times)

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May 18, 2012, 04:58:54 AM
Hi there, first post here on MixOff.
My version of this awesome track:
I went for a darker guitar tone than I'd usually choose and kept the rhythms a bit more subdued in the mix in order not to push it too far into the realms of brootz.
Reamping chain is Maxon OD808 into a Mini Rectifier mic'ed up with a M201TG and an AT SDC.

Hey Don,

Cheers for the submission. I dig the more subdued and somber vibe at the start of your one. It's interesting how a different take on the mix can alter the mood of a song.

From a mix perspective you may want to look into opening things up a bit. Use the extremes - highs and lows. At the moment it's all very centered in the mids, and you could be losing punch and air as a result of that.

Cool guitar tone too! Reminds me of the original, which was reamped into a Dual Racktifier.

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May 18, 2012, 05:14:48 AM
Hi, guys!

Here's my submission.

Thanks for the multitracks, Ermin. It's been fun mixing the song.
I bounced the instrumental tracks and compressed them as a whole before mixing in the vocals, and, in hindsight I feel the mix may have suffered from it.

Congratulations and thanks to the guys from Memnoir! Not sure if this a compliment, but I felt the song could have easily been on Dirt from Alice in Chains. I consciously avoided listening to the album as a reference for the mix because I didn't want to draw to much from it... maybe I should have... ;)

Love the intro!

I think it could be a good move to mix the vocals along with the instruments the next time around, as the lead vocal is somewhat uncomfortably on top of the mix. It also might be worthwhile checking that you're tuning them to the right key, as there are quite a few audibly out notes there!

Wouldn't mind some more punch from the drums, personally. On the whole it may be a good idea to go back and fundamentally rebalance the mix, perhaps on a different monitoring system.

Cheers for the submission.

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May 18, 2012, 05:19:25 AM
Here's my 1st attempt

Thanks for the awesome multitracks!!!

Like the fluidity of that intro transition. Nice work! Also enjoy how up-front the synths are during the verses, with the transition to more guitar-heavy during choruses. Good way to enhance the dynamics within the song.

Your grasp of dynamics and how to help a song flow appears to be very solid. If anything I would look to improve the fundamental mix balances between elements. Perhaps beef up the drums, and make sure that the bass is sitting more bass-heavy, rather than mid-bass or low-midrange heavy. Expanding the song across the frequency spectrum would help!

Good stuff, and thanks.

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May 18, 2012, 05:25:00 AM

Here is my mix

A more subdued sounding mix on the whole. Seems most of the highs here are a lot more gentle and blanketed. I wouldn't mind some more punch from the drums to help drive the energy forward, especially in lieu of the high frequencies which would normally be helping add aggression.

Interesting vocal panning FX on the chorus, and very unique way of mixing the synths. It's been quite cool to hear the song in this light, as my own approach to it was quite different.

If I were to suggest anything here, it would be to not be afraid to open up the highs a bit more, for the sake of clarity if nothing else. As usual, a bit more aggressive compression work on the drums wouldn't go amiss. Consider dropping some lower-midrange out of the bass, and allowing it to hold the deeper lows.

Thanks for that submission - it was quite eye opening as to how differently the mix could be tackled!

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May 18, 2012, 05:47:04 AM
lots of tracks in this multitrack, it shure did beat up my poor old computer !! :P
thanks ermz and JohnSuitcase for this fun contest :)
here is my mix:


edit: no samples added

Getting straight to the point with no intro? I dig! I like how you brought out the slap bass in the verses - good thing to highlight.

There is a good sense of overall togetherness to this mix - it makes sense as a whole.

The only thing I could suggest would be to create a bit more clarity across the lower-midrange. Defining the bass from the guitars more down here would aid in separation as a whole and increase punch.

More of an editing thing, but if you're retuning any of the vocals, make sure that they're hitting the right notes. There are a few weird 'in between' lines here and there, but I know the raw tracks had a lot of that going on.

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May 18, 2012, 05:51:48 AM
Kept the drums all real - no triggering or such. Had a real good time mixing this - thanks for the track Ermz! ;D

Glad to hear that you had a good time mixing it. Mixing under the right circumstances is always about having fun to a degree.

Cool unique way of handling the intro section. Getting more of an industrial vibe from this one.

If I might suggest, the choruses feel quite congested. It could be the rhythm guitar tone, and an over-abundance of midrange freuencies. Consider maybe pushing the vocals forward, at least for the choruses. The song can lose some of that commercial flavor if they're too far obscured by other mix elements.

Real nice to once again hear a unique take on the song that I wouldn't have had myself. Thanks for the submission!

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May 18, 2012, 05:58:27 AM
Hi guys!

This is my first mix...

Thanks to Ermin for doing this  :)

Really nice sense of movement to the start of the song. The use of delays really helps bounce the lines around. There is a good sense of punch between the kick and bass. One of the best balances we've heard so far!

Great use of automation and FX to transition the song around. Lots going on here.

From a fundamental mix balance point of view, you may want to consider pushing the rhythm guitars up, or finding a way to give them a bit more aggression. Opening up the mids in general would help space the song out and perhaps be conducive to your highly-delayed and verbed approach. I personally wouldn't mind hearing some more room or reverb on the drums in order to help their aesthetic match the guitars a little more.

Thanks for that submission. Very cool.

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May 18, 2012, 06:04:44 AM
first post here, hi guys :)

thanks a lot emrin, had a lot of fun while mixing these tracks! :)
here is my try:


Hey K.E.H ;)

One of the more hi-fi mixes we've had. It's cool to hear a more opened up midrange here, and inherent space for those delays to do their thing.

It seems to be a common thing, but I would recommend getting a bit more brutal with your processing on the bass guitar. Opening up that lower-midrange and getting some more fundamental lows in there would be a good thing. Don't be afraid to go drastic with the bass - it commonly needs it! I feel like you might be missing some energy due to density in the low-end not being what it could be - this is particularly noticeable when the choruses kick in. Likewise, feel free to give the kick a bit more girth in order to match.

Cheers for the submission!

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May 18, 2012, 06:10:41 AM
Hi guys,

There's a lot of great mixes posted here! Scary stuff for a new member like me. Here's my shot at the song -

Now there we go, the uniqueness of this mix becomes immediately apparent. Very nice to hear the start of the song with some cleans. An instant vibe-changer.

If I might suggest, the vocals sound quite narrow and funneled into the higher frequencies. They seem to be missing some inherent body and throatyness. Perhaps less aggressive EQ in this regard would help. Conversely the lead guitars and rhythms seem somewhat dull and almost distant compared to the vocals. There is what feels like a spectral mismatch to me, and it's not helping the individual elements unify into what feels like a cohesive mix. Getting the vocals back down into thicker midrange regions would be a good start, and beyond that perhaps some more aggression to the guitars would help in order to match the aggressive delivery of the vocals.


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May 18, 2012, 06:14:00 AM
Well shit! if Spede brings the dynamics, I´ll bring the 80´s!. :D
Heres my go at the song.
Thx to Ermin for doing this!.

The One MortenDK mix

Hooray, another very unique take on the intro. Not sure whether it matches the vibe of the song to my personal taste, but it's a nifty idea!

The overall feeling of this mix is subdued and almost distant. I dig that it's a valid mix aesthetic, but for a song like this which is inherently energetic, aggressive and pseudo-commercial it may be a good idea to get more high-end energy in there. There's not much more I can add. Getting some brightness happening, including some overall balance tweaking (clearing up the lower midrange/midbass on bass guitar, more punch on kick, more open guitars etc. - the usual) should pretty much get you there!