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Author Topic: Mixoff Contest with Barry Wood - Win Barry's New Book!  (Read 85715 times)

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July 17, 2011, 05:57:38 AM
Aiight, following the comments, my fecund mix (320kbps - no post-mix processing):

Nice sound. I like how the guitar in the intro starts in the middle and then they pan wide. Vox are a bit loud though. IMHO

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July 17, 2011, 11:05:50 AM
Hi everybody!

Just let me thank All Hands Lost for some great tracks and Barry for his patience.

Here's my mix:

And now, off to listening to the other mixes... and to starting to get depressed... ;)
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July 17, 2011, 12:55:04 PM
And as an added bonus, here's a link to the WAV:

I really like the ping pong effect at the beginning along with the wide guitars. It definitly has a nice spacious feel to it. The only thing that stood out right away seems to be the overheads. They sound loud and over powering at times. I would compress them a little more, and then automate.

Thanks for the input; yeah, the Ride and Hi-Hat stood out quite a bit - I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve with that, so I've reined them in a little bit and tweaked one or two other elements.
Here's the amended mix, without any Master Bus processing:
And here's one I Mastered earlier  ;) (just some basic 'Mastering' applied):

A lot of cool mixes being done with this track!

UPDATE: Newer mix posted 20-07-11 (further down...)
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July 17, 2011, 10:29:28 PM
Here's my take on the song.


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July 17, 2011, 11:48:55 PM
Here's my contribution:

EDIT: Decided to keep it at one version with no mastering applied for clarity :)

Some notes:

* I decided not to do any of the edits that would have been needed to create a 'radio' version (the song could be . So think of this as the 'album' version :)
* It's dry, in-yer-face and hard-hitting as much as I could manage. It sounded like modern rock to me, so I mixed it like that, or at least tried to.

Enjoy and feel free to comment/flame/ask questions!


I like this mix a lot; it's got great punch without the kick or snare being too far out front. In mastering it would all glue together really well.

The parts that you added to the intro are kind of overstepping the bounds of the mix engineer and would have to be run past the band to see if they liked it. I've been down that road before, sometimes they love it and sometimes they hate it. Personally, I like it.

On the second listen I was hearing too much of the gated snare effect. A little effect send (or return) automation could manage that.

The vocals were a little thin sounding, particularly when compared to the rest of the mix. A little more low mid and/or some mid cut would get them to sound fuller. Nice judicious use of effects on the vocals in the bridge, the harmony vocals were a nice surprise. As with the intro additions, that kind of change would be something that the band would have to make the call on.

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July 17, 2011, 11:56:41 PM
Hello there,

Here is my first mix ...
I did no editing (even there are some parts that would need some correction), just eq, comp, reverb and some final limiting.
I´m not 100% happy with it, but after good comes broken.

Thank you for sharing these files and thanks to the band.


The source guitar tracks were pretty crispy but I think they came out to dull in the context of the entire mix. You got the vocals and cymbals sounding bright and natural but the guitars are just not bitting enough.

The bass could probably use some low and low mid cuts to keep it from sounding too tubby. I do like the way you've brought out the bass licks at the end of the phrases, that's something I haven't heard anyone grab onto yet.

You might consider putting a de-esser the lead vocal to tame the sibilants that pop out from time to time. That's something that can be tricky to dial in, too much and the singer sounds like they've got a lisp.

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July 18, 2011, 12:07:35 AM
OK. Call me a mixaholic. I listened today and decided that I needed to give the song another shot. The stereo perspective wasn't large enough for the style and my mix needed more sonic clarity.

Joe Ford


This is a solid mix.

The slap on the vocals sounds good but could probably come down a little bit. I'm a big proponent of effects that support a part without being obvious; when they're on you don't really hear them but when you turn them off you miss them. I think the vocals could probably come down a dB or two overall but it's not something that probably couldn't be handled at the mastering stage. I just think that if the vocals sat in the track a little more it could have more impact.

I like the way you brought out the bass licks in the transition before the bridge but once the drums come back in I think bass could come down a little bit.

With the bass being kind of loud, it also seems like the kick could be more prominent to anchor the mix more solidly. The tone sounds good, it might just be a matter of turning it up a little.

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July 18, 2011, 12:26:31 AM
O.K. ..Here's my mix. Nothing on the mixbus, just a mix as I would submit it to an ME.

The bass and the fizzy guitars were a bit of a challenge I must admit! Thanks to the band for sharing the files! There are some really good mixes here, lots of fun and lots to learn.


The intro fade-in/panning is an interesting idea, I do kind of miss the bomb-drop of the guitar/bass/drum hits though.

The sound of the vocal and it's level make it sit in the track perfectly.

The guitars are mostly fizz and could use more body to carry the song. The bass is pretty big already so that would be a tricky to address in mastering. I put your mix through a Manley Massive Passive and added a medium-wide bell curve filter at 300 Hz and boosted it 5-6db and it made the guitars, drums, and vocals sound great, however, the bass was way too big and mushy and the kick got too boomy. Some rebalancing of EQ and tightening of the sound of the bass would take this good mix, and make it much better.

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July 18, 2011, 12:40:52 AM
Barry, looks like you're getting close to my mix - If you don't mind theres something I'd like to tweak before you review - just listened back on a better monitoring system and really not liking my FX choices for a certain part of the mix. If you've already gone through it by the time you read this no worries, I'll fix it in the final submission.
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July 18, 2011, 12:45:48 AM
Barry, looks like you're getting close to my mix - If you don't mind theres something I'd like to tweak before you review - just listened back on a better monitoring system and really not liking my FX choices for a certain part of the mix. If you've already gone through it by the time you read this no worries, I'll fix it in the final submission.

Yours is next up but I this is a good time to give my ears a rest. I'll make note to skip the current mix that I've got from you.