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Author Topic: Help me pick this month's new plug-in!  (Read 4183 times)

June 06, 2011, 11:09:54 PM
Okay so I have a thing where I purchase one new plug in per month (sometimes two if budget allows) however this time I'm in a predicament!

Battle is between Waves MPX Master Tape and Massey DRT. I don't really do any editing except for small, typical mixing edits and fades as I'm not
an editor, but DRT makes drum replacement much quicker and simpler than beat detective and is another tool and skill I'd like to have in my arsenal as
it's all too common to replace drums in today's music (especially in rock and metal). DRT would make the process extremely quick and easy and makes more
sense to me than beat detective ever really has.

Waves MPX is pretty much a godsend of a tape emulation (if you haven't tried it, you really should!) and I love this thing, it's on sale for 99 and I have no clue
when they're going to start charging 200 for it...

Budget is only allowing for one plug, so between the two, which one? My brain and biz sense is telling me DRT but my ears and heart are telling me MPX.


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June 07, 2011, 08:08:07 AM
Theres allways the next plug in!...... and the hype is allways there!!.... Took me some time to get of the hype wagon and look at what I REALLY needed.
Now I allways look at a new the plug in and ask do I all ready have this in another form?, will it speed up my work flow or bug me down in endless tweaking?, does it have a sonic impact that I cant achive otherwise.
If I were you id go for DRT its nice to have for drum replacing when using other software like Superior drummer and what not. I use it a lot and love it.
Now MPX is one of those plug ins that does something nice, but the impact is so small in the over all sonics in the mix, that to me it really has no merit if you all ready have another tape sim, course than its just oranges or apples. And no one but yourself will now the difference in the end, and at that point will the mix be so radically different with MPX!?.
Thats how I go about making dicissions on new plug ins.
Hope it helps a little :D

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June 07, 2011, 08:24:11 AM
The MPX is pretty much the perfect tape sim IMO...although there are a couple of others I'd like to try (roundtone, Magnetic) I've got Massey Tape Head so it can still hold me over I suppose...I enjoy the workability of the MPX though and it's got more options.

The tape delay fattens stuff up real nice on it as well...but it's not like I couldn't slap TH and a small delay on the master though, so like you said, I do still have that option.

I'm really leaning towards the DRT...I know it would ultimately be the better decision for now and I can work on improving my replacement techniques and whatnot.

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June 07, 2011, 03:17:15 PM
I won't be much help, either!

I guess the question is how much drum replacement are you doing now?

My general rule on plug-ins is to only buy something if I need it to finish a project. But I don't buy all that many, I think the last thing I paid cash for was Melodyne, and that I bought the 'Uno' version, then the plug-in. I was working with bands that were close to being really great, but the occasional bad note was killing me. So I broke down and bought it. Great investment though, as I use it for at least a couple of notes on almost every mix project I get!

If it's just for fun, I'd lean towards the tape sim, if you love it that much.

If it's a business decision, I'd put the money away until a project shows up with some unsolvable problem.

If it's an educational/skills thing, DRT might be best, as it'll let you start learning the drum replacement techniques, etc.

I still use Aptrigga, for the occasional drum replacement that I do. But really, 90% of the time, I don't use it, except for a kick drum that just doesn't have 'it'.

The only third party plug that I really couldn't do without is melodyne. But I haven't experimented with Reaper's pitch correction, maybe I could get by without melodyne, too!

June 07, 2011, 05:13:26 PM
It's definitely more of an educational/skills thing I'm leaning towards with DRT and I may be working with someone soon that I know I'm going to have to replace pretty much all drums (excellent musician, horrible recording skills lol).

Plus I believe replacement is a skill every engineer should have, for me, though Beat Detective in PT is somewhat confusing (even was when I was in school) and DRT is straight-forward and simple/really quick. Whereas with BD you gotta analyze, choose your points, quantize, etc and DRT pretty much does it all for you along with velocity info.

That being said could you recommend some good drum replacement programs besides aptrigga? I'd prefer to load samples and I know there are some relatively inexpensive drum samples out there. Just need a good loader for them. I know there's Trigger and a few others but as I've said before I'm a KISS mixer :).

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June 07, 2011, 09:25:17 PM
Drumagog seems to be the standard, so that might be a good investment. It's a few dollars more, but quite powerful, from what I've read/heard.

The DRT plug only generates the MIDI signal or clicks, so you'd still need something like Drumagog, unless you're going to use BFD or something similar...

June 07, 2011, 11:11:32 PM
Yeah I basically just want a sample loader, I foresee myself just getting a good sample lib, using DRT for the MIDI clicks and inserting the loader and routing everything to audio tracks and pressing F12, then whammo, done.


It's been a while since I've checked out BFD and such. Drumagog seems to have really stepped up from what it used to be. Trigger seems cool and all but I really think a sample lib + DRT is going to work best for me and my workflow.

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June 08, 2011, 12:19:32 AM
I've always thought it rather silly that BFD, Addictive Drums, etc don't include a simple MIDI triggering plug-in. Seems like a super simple thing for them to include, which would vastly improve the flexibility of their instruments.

I used to use one that I can't remember the name of, but it wasn't updated for intel macs, so I had to retire it. Worked ok for the occasional issue, though I found it tricky to get the midi drums to sound natural, for whatever reason. DRT is probably a lot better than the one I had!

June 08, 2011, 12:47:53 AM
Something is telling me I should really explore as many options as possible for drum replacement, the only issues I've got with the plugs I've been looking at are all the effect and EQ options, I don't need nor want most of that, just good detection and bleed separation with velocity and humanization controls and that's about it. I'd handle the rest of the stuff in a mix.

BTW I know on Slate Trigger you can only have up to 6 instruments routed, but do subsequent instances allow for for track expansion to cover all bases?


Trigger instance 1: (kick) (snare top) (snare bottom) (tom1) (tom 2) (tom 3)

Trigger instance 2: (FL tom) (Hat) (OHs) (etc) (etc) (etc)

The () is supposed to represent the Trigger instrument squares. If I can figure that one out, Trigger might be more up my alley.