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Author Topic: Minimalism and Mixing  (Read 262 times)

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December 04, 2019, 08:20:54 AM
I was just reading a website with a nice article about minimalism, and thinking about my plug-in collection. I've been pretty hesitant to add new plugs, but I still have managed to collect a good number, some of which I never use, some which I use rarely, and some which I use on almost every track. I'm thinking it's time to filter out the junk, but it made me start thinking about what the right number is.

Clearly, we all need at least one of each of the basics; reverb, delay, eq, compression. And I have a couple of things I use a lot, like an amp sim, tape saturation, melodyne, and Aptrigga. But then I have a bunch of variations on those plugs, at least 5 different compressors, 5 reverbs, a few delays, chorus, etc.

I remember working in analogue studios, doing mixdowns with 1 reverb unit, 1 multieffects (spx90), 1 DOD delay, and 2 alesis 3630 compressors, and the board's eq (tascam 3700, I think!) And those mixes came out really well! Even the nice studio I worked at didn't have loads of outboard, the board was an Otari Concept One, there were at least a couple of compressors, and reverb, but nothing like I have in my computer!

How many plugs do you have, how many do you use. Do you think there's an advantage to limiting yourself to a set of core plugs that you know well? I don't imagine I'll ditch all of the plugs, but those specialty plugs that only come out once in a while can be put away in a folder I suppose. Anything to help with focus, and keeping me from wandering around menus trying to find the perfect  reverb...