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Author Topic: 18 years experienced pro Mixing and Mastering Engineer  (Read 17261 times)

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June 19, 2019, 04:32:57 AM
Hi everyone.  I'm making efforts to have more of a personal online presence instead of hiding behind my studio name (Crazy Daisy Productions) like I have been all these years.
I have mixed and mastered over 50,000 songs in just about every genre imaginable as a pro audio engineer since 2001. 
I do most of my mixing in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and every once in a while in Cubase as I've always had a fondness for that DAW.
Mastering is done using the Crazy Daisy Mastering suite, a combination of automated intelligent digital mastering combined with experienced human artistry.  It's a set of digital applications I programmed (much of) back in 2003 and have refined over the years in order to help create fast, efficient, and consistent mastering results.  I never released it as a fully automated online mastering application because I assumed it was inappropriate to allow a computer to take full control of an inherently artistic endeavor....silly me. 

Anyways, I'm not just assuming that I'm here to simply hang my shingle and not give anything back to the community.  I'm happy to give input on topics as well and answer any questions you may have for me specifically, or just to get another opinion from a fellow human artist. 

If you want me to fully mix and master a song for you I can do so online through our studio website.  Rate information at -

I also occasionally post to our audio tips and hints blog page, which you're welcome to peruse at any time -

Glad to be part of this online community!

-Erik Veach