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Send me your music, session files, .mp3, .wav etc & I will professionally mix and or master them for an affordable price and quickly. First, email me about your project. After we've discussed your wants, and your needs to prepare your files to the specifications listed and send me your files via email or sharing service. I will mix the song until it is up to my standards and then send you an MP3 to review. Sending individual stems is available upon request, see details below. Once you've had a chance to listen to it, if there are any changes you want to make simply email me with your mix revision requests, I respond to emails very quickly. I will make those changes and send you another updated mix. We can repeat this process until you are satisfied with the mix. I can include a mastered version of the mix, see details below.

Files need to be 16 or 24 bit at one of the following sample rates: 44.1 khz, 48 khz, 88.2 khz, 96 khz if they are Pro Tools etc,

Please provide WAV or AIFF files

Please remove all plugins (EQ, compression, distortion, delay, reverb etc) before to export. If there are tracks that utilize plugins to create a certain sound which you are you like and want to maintain in the mix stage, please do.

Please send consolidated audio tracks starting at an identical moment on the timeline using their original recorded sample rate, bit depth, and mono/stereo file type. Do not "bounce" each track individually via the stereo bus. Be sure to use an "export all tracks" type function in your DAW.

Label audio files -- preferably with prefixes by instrument group (DRM, BASS, GTR, VOX, KEY, etc) so I can identify exactly what it is without having to guess or figure out what's what by listening.

Delete all tracks that are not going to be used (send only the files that are needed).

Delete any unused audio files.

If the track was recorded to a click/grid, please provide BPM per song.

If you have any more questions I'm more than welcomed to answer them


A 50% deposit of 12$ is required prior to the commencement of mixing. The balance is due upon your approval of all final mixes. No final mixes will be delivered until all fees are paid in full.

Payment Types -- Paypal or addition arrangements will be made depending on your needs.

24$ every type of Mix you want
Individual Stems from song - 17$
Albums/mixtapes/Full Projects prices will be negotiated
Mastering 10$

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