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So, here's a track from an album I recorded and produced back in 2011.
The band is Tidal and the track is called "Beautiful Ugliness", from the album "What Will Remain..."
Out now, etc, etc.

There's one step I always take before I even start a mix and on this particular record, I didn't take it. Would love to see if you guys can guess what it is and I'll reveal all once guesses have been exhausted!

Hope you like it, I'm still pretty proud of the mix even though it is "old" now, haha!



Hi guys,

Just joined, spotted this site a while back but forgot to join. Found it again last night and downloaded a song to mix. I've done one so I thought I'd better register and say hi before I throw them up.

My name's Phil Humphreys, I've been doing this recording malarky since 2000, officially working as an engineer, mixer and producer since 2010, around the same time my own band sort of fell apart. I work at The Boneyard Studio in South Wales (UK). Don't know if I'm allowed to post links here yet but if you search Google for "boneyard studio wales" I'm sure you'll find it  :)

Anyway, good to be here, I'll post a link to my mix once I've posted in the relevant forum.



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