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Collaborative Mixoffs / strings quartet
« on: December 17, 2012, 12:57:11 PM »
please does someone know a real strings quartet who could record an easy part for the comedy I wrote for my pupils !

If someone is interested you could send me an ip for more information and the score. It's very easy but I would a REAL one...

Unfortunately we haven't got money for this :-(

I wish its recorded together to get the sound of quartet, not separately, even a zoom H4 or H2...

Thank you so much,


Audition Mixoffs / help us !!!
« on: October 31, 2012, 07:49:39 AM »
hello to everyone
I am a music teacher in a college in North of France and with my colleague, who's french teacher, we wrote a comedy musical will be performed by students in June.

Almost all songs (14 !) are recorded and it only remains mixer.

This is where the problem. We need help!

Could someone spinning us a helping hand?

Unfortunately we do not have budget and ourselves, we spent hundreds of hours volunteering ...

I specify that we work in lens, an old mining town, in a very disadvantaged socially and culturally  collegeand it's a very nice project for children who have nothing.

If someone is interested to share a beautiful musical experience and human, it would be just great!

All songs were recorded with cubase 6.5 and a maudiofast track ultra and sometimes ufx too.

Very often instruments used are vst instruments but some real  like a clarinet, tuba, trumpet, accordion, electric guitar, bass, and soon an oboe and a string quartet, played by different colleagues.

Voices will be sing live and there is no voice except sometimes to mix some background vocals that will be on the soundtrack.

Styles range from  soft pop rock to almost heavy going bossa nova or disco and even electro!

So, if anyone is interested, well that would be great!

Soon I hope


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