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Audition Mixoffs / Re: Album mixing offer, rock, "nickelback style" ;P
« on: March 13, 2013, 09:46:45 AM »
Yes this is a good point,

i usually handle this with the beeper from voxengo. That adds short silence every 40 sec or so.
This time i didn't. I removed my mix anyways since i am not expecting the thread owner to answer anyway. Maybe there is a full album to mix. Maybe not and now he has a full rooster of mixes to choose from. 

Audition Mixoffs / Re: Album mixing offer, rock, "nickelback style" ;P
« on: February 19, 2013, 08:04:46 PM »
Hello Spinner,

consider that this is not the mixoff section where people mix for practicing purpose. this is a payed job offer.
You might understand that since we are competitors giving you feedback would be counter producitve. sorry :-[

Hallo Spede,

thanks for your comment. I am always impressed how analytical you are with your critics. You are perfectly right with the drum compression. This was out of laziness i am afraid. I put the cymbals on the parallel compressed drum bus as well. I usually don't do this as the cymbals tend to flutter when running the parallel bus too hot. Wich i did ;D. I usually would do some other things as well but since this was a rough 2 hour mix i plainly didn't do all the things i usually do.
I am always carefull with the lowend wich often is to low then. What i would have done was automation of the kickdrum EQ in the lowend. In fast double bass parts i usually lower the lowend whereas in more calm parts i raise it. Did't do it this time so i decided to keep the tighter lowend the whole mix.

I think that cymbal you mentioned at the beginning of the song is a bleed from the snare mic wich is cut out by the gate than. i will look into this.

Now to your mix.

I think the overall balance is just fine. What i personally don't like is the bassguitar sound. Its a bit to midrange heavy and therefore draws more attention than it should by sitting a bit on top. It also is masking the guitars wich might be a bit buried in the mix and scooped out. They lack a bit of definition to me and do not carry the song as they should. the drums and vocals a just fine to me.
I have to say i am judging this with my headphones as i am not at home right now and i might be wrong about it.  :)

to Zabrilla

haha your additions are creeping me out ;D
i don't know if you did this intentionally but for me your mix sounds a bit small and narrow wich is mainly due to the guitars beeing almost completely mono. Sounds a bit weired to me. but i like your additions much haha ;D

Ok cool,

hell why didn't do someone a spellcheck on my starting post. Wonder that you even understood what i was writing there. lol  :D

Yeah mixing metal can be a hard task. Proper phasealignment of the drums and may be miced gutiars vs DI tracks and a well controlled lowend are the key to a proper metal mix

here is my mix

i didn't do anything special about it. Just plain mixing as i don't have the time for creative work right now :-[
Have to babysitt 2 cats as 2 good friends of mine make a trip to mexico for 3 weeks.  :). I agreed to help them out.

greetings novik

Hallo Everyone,

Ola Eglund known from his band Feared and his countless Recording Tutorials on Youtube started a Mixing Contest

The winners have the chance to win prizes by the following Brands:
Randall Amplifiers, Seymour Duncan, Rocktron, Dean Markley, Warwick, Zildjian,
DDrum, Presonus, Toontrack, Systematic Audio etc

In order to participate visit the bands website ( and fill out the form. Beware that only one participation per person is allowed. Be patient after submitting your name and E-mail adress as it might take up to 12 hours before the tracks have been send to you.

You a free to do what ever you want: Make your best mix or make a remix. You are allowed to add your own parts and totally rearrange the Song.

Once you are finished upload the track to either Soundcloud or Youtube and tag it with the following content:
#fearedmixingcomp before February 5th 2013

A jury will than determine the three winners on 10th of February 2013

Also check out the official forum on

happy mixing and remixing


The Control Room / New and free measuring software from Vicoustic
« on: December 02, 2011, 09:13:23 AM »
Found a new measurment software. Havn't tried it yet because my mic "broke". (i stepped on it. Damn i am an idiot :-[)

MixOff News and Updates / Re: Telefunken Contest
« on: November 27, 2011, 10:23:49 AM »
Quote from: Telefunken Noobs

You are not only the mixer, you are the producer of the mix so there are no rules and no limits to what you can do creatively - though you may not re-track or add any parts.

Sorry for me this doesn't sound you are not allowed to supplement the snare wich was weak and lame anyways and is more of a soundshaping technics than really adding something new. this whole contest is a fraud to me. I am glad i didn't submit my mix there.
They should have exactly listed what is allowed to do and what is not.
When you listen to the rough mix they posted than you can hear that the snare is completely replaced.

Mixing Talk / Re: Minimalism and Mixing
« on: November 19, 2011, 11:28:34 AM »
Over the time i gathered alot of plugins. Quess i owned any free plugin that is out there. But i find myself just using a small fraction of them. At one day i erased every plugin i didn't use frequently or didn't use at all.
I reduced myself to the cubase stockplugins. For Reverb i only use the REVerence and Roomworks.
The only additional plugs i really use ervery time are the VOS plugins like the densityMKII, BaxterEQ, and the Ferric DTS. The Molot i use on specific drum tracks for compression. For EQ i use the MEqualizer from MeldaProduction or the VOS BootEQMKII

Now i first check a plugin on my notebook if its worth befor it makes its way to my collection.

I think its better to have just a few plugins and know how to use them instead thousands of plugs you rarely will use at all.

Spam Notifications / ghd straighteners 580/100ml
« on: November 01, 2011, 11:17:59 AM »

The Control Room / Re: Free TC Electronic reverb
« on: November 01, 2011, 08:10:04 AM »
No worries i already downloaded it weeks ago.

Funny because TC didn't make sure to change the link as the free period is over. officially its not free anymore but with this link its free. lol

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