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Currently have some availability to take on a couple mixing/mastering projects. Check out our work and feel free to fill out a quote request form on the site.

Updated the website. Check it out...

Here is the first single off of the new album I recorded/mixed/mastered for the pop punk band "Transience". The name of the song is "Wreckage".

Here's my most recent work. The EP is entitled "Reign Undivine" by the band Iscariot. The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by me :-)

I still have availability in April.

I have availability from now through April. I'm currently offering bands 1 song mixed/mastered for free when they book for 3 or more songs.

Website for liquid studios is up and running. Check it out for information on rates, services, and availability.

I'm currently offering my mixing/mastering services for rock/metal bands that are interested. I do offer discounts for new clients. E-mail me at if you are interested.

 I've posted examples of some recent work on my soundcloud page.

 Also check out my facebook page:

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