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Well Done Guys!  ;D

My 2¢:

I really like the guitars in DirkZuber's mix - nice and solid sounding (tell me how?!?), but thought the vocals were too 'live' sounding in the context of the mix.

Hey aglinder... Thank you !

Actually I didn´t do much to the guitars. Only eq and a reverbsend.
Here are some pics of the settings

EQ-settings for the first guitar part (the second part has nearly the same settings, only minor changes):

Reverbsend settings:

I´m using Audition 3.
The send is set to -3.
I panned the guitars -60% +60%.

Thats all.
I used a little bit of eq, compression and limiting on the final mix to clue it all together a bit more. 

I guess the other Instruments especially the bassguitar has a big impact on how the guitars sound in the whole mix.
Hope that helps.


Wow ... I never thought I would make it this far !

Thanks again to you Barry, for your time and the great tips. You helped out a lot improving the mixes for all of us !!!

And a big thanks to the awesome Band for this song ... Have a good time rocking out :-)

A happy weekend to all of you

Mixoff Contests / Final Submission take 2
« on: July 26, 2011, 08:28:46 AM »
Here is my last submission take 2 :-)

Thank you Barry for your great tips.

Dirk Zuber

Hey there,

this is my final submission :-)

Happy Weekend
Dirk Zuber

Hi there,

i listened to nearly every mix and it´s allways great to have the opportunity to listen to other peoples ideas.

So here is my second mix....

Thanks to you Barry for your time and your critiques !

Dirk Zuber

Hello there,

Here is my first mix ...
I did no editing (even there are some parts that would need some correction), just eq, comp, reverb and some final limiting.
I´m not 100% happy with it, but after good comes broken.

Thank you for sharing these files and thanks to the band.


I could not resist and tweaked the mix a little bit ... I know at some point you just have to say no :-)

Thats the final one ... I promise !!


Mixing Talk / Re: Mixing the Drum Kit - share your method?
« on: April 07, 2011, 09:47:46 PM »

Every song is different, every drumkit (player) is different and you have to treat it differently.
So its hard to give any advice on what to do mixingwise. Someone allready said that when mixing a Jazzsong you want to use more of the overhead and roommics than you would use in a pop or rocksong ...

What I normaly do (before the mixing) is checking the phase of each track in relation to the overheads.
I switch every track (toms, snare, kick...) and listen to it. Does ist sound better or worse ?
Sometimes I timealign the kick and snare with the overheads, cause there is always a small gap between the hits, which leads to a thinner sounding kick and snare.
Another thing is cutting or muteing the tom tracks when the toms are not played. I do it manualy, i dont like using gates.
Adding some lowend to the kick (30-40Hz) often makes you wanna dance (depends on the genre of the music).
Parallel compression is your friend, for a "fat" drumsound.

On using effects (compression, reverb, delay, eq...):
Thats a vast topic, there are no rules or guidelines ... the song dictates the use of effects.
Well I know its not very helpful to say: "Listen to the song and do what it asks for !" ,but thats how I look at mixing.
Listen through the song and get a picture of what you want to achieve, then use the tools to get there.
I´m very new to this business and I still have a lot to learn. 

The most important lesson I´ve learned is that your mix stands or falls with the source and there is no tool to fix a bad sounding recording or a bad performance !!! Mixing is much easier when the material you mix has been recorded by someone who knows what he or she is doing.

Thats about it

PS: My english is a bit rusted :-)

Mixoff Contests / This is my final mix
« on: April 07, 2011, 10:49:55 AM »
So this is my final mix ....

There are still some things I´m not 100% happy with...

But right now I would show the mix to the band and it would be their call to say what they want to change in the mix :-)
I didn´t change too many things, cause I think there are so many things you could do that it is impossible to determin what the band really wants to be done with the mix !

Thanks for the possibility to mix this song !!!
This is a great forum.


Hi there,
my name is Dirk, I´m from germany

Well I´m a bit late I guess :-(

After 3 hours mixing I stopped finishing it, cause i read that april 4th was the last date for uploading...
Its not finish yet but I post it anyways :-)

"deleted the last mix ... final version on next page :-)"


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