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Here's my effort:

Thanks to all who made this possible!

Cheers for that!

I noticed that there is a big dynamic shift downward as soon as the first part of the intro is over. Might be a good idea to find a way to maintain the energy up until the slap bass comes in on the verse. There is a bit of a neutered sound to the song overall. You might want to be adding a lot more low-end, cleaning up the midrange frequencies, and getting more aggressive with compression on the whole. The drums are very largely getting lost, and along with them the rhythmic punch of the song. A spectral shift from the upper mids down toward the lows and lower mids as a whole would help the mix come alive and start to sound immediately deeper. It could be the monitoring system impacting the ability to perceive this, so I'd suggest referencing on a few different systems if the original monitors aren't entirely accurate.

I dig that you've kept the vocals very audible throughout though. It's a good approach for a song like this!

Hi Ermz, thanks for the feedback!  Recently switched monitors here so still getting used to the low end.  Anyway here's an updated mix that hopefully addresses the low-end issues and you can actually hear the kick this time!

Here's my effort:

Thanks to all who made this possible!

Came to this way too late.  Love the song.  Here's my effort:

OK, here's my revised final mix after Mike's feedback.  Thanks again to Mike & Young Griffo.

-- Simon

Thanks Mike for the detailed feedback, it's all really useful for me.  I was intending using the double during the chorus but I ran out of time so I didn't throw it in for the first mix as I wanted to tune it and line the timing up first.  I will do that and attempt to address the other issues before submitting my final mix.  Oh and I had some parallel compression with some overdrive on the drums, I will try killing the overdrive :)

Hi.  Here's my mix, I hope I'm not too late:

I just found out about this site at the weekend, what a great idea!  Thanks to Mike & Young Griffo for making this possible.

-- Simon

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