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Hey again everyone. I had some time to work on this mix over the weekend, and I would be eternally grateful if anyone would be willing to give it another listen. I think (read: hope!) I was able to incorporate a lot of the previous feedback to make a punchier, brighter mix. I dialed the tape saturation down quite a bit, brought down the vocals, and liven up the guitar and drums. I also added a tape delay to the 2nd half of the 2nd guitar solo to make it a little more interesting.

Finally, I attempted to make a few more EQ tweaks to give each track element it's own frequency space, but I am assuming more work needs to be done in that regard.

Here's a SoundCloud link to the new mix:

What do you think? Is it a step in the right direction?

Thanks again!

Good point -- I managed to provide a singularly unhelpful comment there, sorry! Listening again, maybe up  slightly. But using a different (possibly quite aggressive) EQ to separate backing from lead vocals might do the trick better than volume adjustments.

Thanks Jeff!  Using EQ to separate backing vocals from lead vocals is something I'm really trying to improve in my mixing.   I did attempt to do that in this mix, but didn't feel like I had quite achieved yet.

Thanks for the advice, drumanimal05.  I'll try out what you suggested. 

And Weezer is a huge influence on us, so I'm happy that you can make that comparison!

Thanks for the feedback, Jeff! I was struggling a bit with the background vocal levels, especially the close harmonies in the verses and the bed of "ooo"'s/"aaa"'s in the middle part.  Any thoughts on if those verse and/or ooo/aaa backing vocals should go up or down?

I posted this mix on a few other forums and the general consensus seems to be that its a bit dark with too many low-mids, and the guitars could cut through more.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I really appreciate it!

Hey everyone - I've been working on this mix for my band and would really appreciate some feedback on it. I'm really trying not to overproduce this song, so there aren't many bells and whistles on the track (at least compared to what we usually do, which is usually a lot more ornate than this). There's some tape saturation (from the Waves J37 plugin) on the vocals and drums, and that's really it besides some minimal EQ'ing and compression and reverb on all the vocals. Currently there is nothing on the master bus.

Any general advice/feedback would be appreciated, but I'm mostly worried about EQ/frequency issues that my inexperienced ears might be missing. I feel like I always struggle with the EQ process, especially when trying to add complimentary EQ to instruments. If any of the elements in this track seem to be fighting for frequency space, or if you hear any detrimental frequency buildup, please let me know!

Hi everyone - I've been recording my own music at home for a few years now, but I am still very much an amateur when it comes to the mixing side of things.  I would be incredibly grateful if anyone would listen to this mix and give me some advice on how it could be improved!

This mix sounds good to me, but I fear that I'm not experienced enough to really hear the problems that are probably in it.  I worry about its frequency range, which I think is a common problem with all my mixes.  I understand the basics of frequencies and when to EQ, but I always seem to have difficulty giving each individual track its own frequency space.  According to Logic Pro's Spectrum Analyzer, it seems like the electric guitar, piano, and vocals in this track all seem to peak in the same 500hz - 1khz range.  Everything i read about EQ'ing tells me that this should be a problem, but I'm not entirely sure about how to fix it in practice beyond randomly cutting frequencies on individual tracks and hoping I get lucky with the results.

Anyway, I could really use some advice on how to improve this mix!  I mixed it in Logic and have been listening on Fostex PMO.4 monitors.  Like I said, I think it sounds okay, but I'm not really sure what I should even be listening for to improve it! Here it is:

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