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This was a fun mix, - trackwise very straightforward, yet tricky to get right nonetheless.  Here's my effort:

Mixing Talk / "Blood to Bone" has some "legs"
« on: May 31, 2012, 06:23:02 AM »
Not sure where I should post this, hopefully this place is as good as any...

Just thought it might interest those who took part in the "Blood to Bone" mix comp many moons ago.  The track was used as the soundtrack for the film footage from an international Bodyboarding competition.  Being the guy who mixed it, I was pretty stoked. ;D  Check it out here:

I'm obviously the competition, but I wanted to say that's a fair rate! Good luck!

Hey Splendiferous - all the best with your endeavours too.  I realize my title was a bit cheeky, but it was intended good-naturedly, so I hope you don't mind.  It's good to know that's a reasonable rate - sometimes it's hard to know what to charge.  

hmm... thinking about it though, I'm not sure a website mainly frequented by other skilled mix engineers is the greatest place to advertise my services... ???...oh well, I thought it was worth a try - anything to get it "out there".

I'm just starting out, but I already have some very happy customers.  My rate for a typical mix of drums, bass, guitar, keys & vocals is $235 per song.  Check out some of my mixes on my here:
Contact me via email:

No explicit or violent lyrics please - "G" rated stuff only.

As a little follow up to this contest (& for any who are interested), I just thought I'd mention that another track I mixed for Young Griffo, "Pennies" is now #1 on the charts... well #1 on a chart ;D...

...Its the Triple J "Unearthed" chart for unsigned bands - hopefully the next step is national radio play (maybe). Triple J is the national youth network radio station here in Australia & the song is #1 on the "Indie" chart & #5 overall.  Check it out here:

As you can see (hear), its more on the strength of the song than anything else - the site streams in mono for crying out loud!.. & at an awfully low quality.... so if anyone wants to know why Mike goes on a bit about  mono-compatibility being important - this is exibit #1!

BTW, here is the Band's official high quality, free download page for the tune:

Or you can stream it at better quality on my soundcloud page here:

Congratulations to Martin - top job on the mix - I voted for your mix too!  

A big WELL DONE Malcolm &  to all who took part in the contest - It's amazing to hear so many different takes on a mix that I had become so close to - it really provides a valuable perspective.

& of course, a MASSIVE thanks to Mike for contributing your golden ears & your thoughtful & eloquent critiques.

Paul, Matt & Toddy - keep on composing those YG indie anthems - I've learned heaps mixing your stuff - thanks for giving me a go.

All the best,
Andrew (aka fHumble fHingaz)

soundcloud sounds horrible. I'll upload in a bit.

Soundcloud streams at 128kb/sec, but stores your files at whatever quality you uploaded them at - so people can download them the quality you uploaded them at.

(Incidentally, that's not meant to be a snipe at fHumble's recording, because I think he did a great job within the restrictions he was working under.)

No offense taken at all, I actually didn't record it - I only came in at the mix stage.

If I were doing a mix of this track myself, I would almost instinctively mult the bass across several different tracks to tackle this, but I suspect that most people haven't been doing so, and are therefore struggling with a well-nigh-impossible task of finding a bass-processing chain which works equally well throughout all the song sections.

This is exactly the approach I took with my mix.

Can we know who did the orignal mix?

I believe it was fHumble fHingers.

Aww, damn... I guess this means I can't enter,then!

Sweet mix, Karumba

Just chased this up with the band, and it appears that the verse harmony vocal was all the work of the mix engineer who did the preview mix -- it was never on the band's multitracks. So if you want that line too, then it looks like you'll have to conjure it up by yourself too!

Yep, that's right - I used Sonar's V-vocal to create some extra harmony vocals to fill out the sound... I didn't record any of my own tracks & add them though, I only used the files I was given.

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