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<Jazz funk mix.

I'm super undecided if the bass should be up a dB or not. It's up a dB in the trumpet solo, and it could be in the entire song. The whole song is a face melting jazz bass guitar adventure from start to finish and it wants to be heard. Also do you feel like the trumpet solo is too pushed? Theres a ton of automation on it, I could bring the louder notes down more I feel. The bass is up a dB in the trumpet solo and it seems to work, I didn't want to cut too much low end off the guitar parts in the head because they're lower riffs. I gave the bass a 135 Hz boost on a wide Q to compensate for a 60 Hz sharp cut that made room for a 40-50 Hz subass enhancement effect in the kick drum, which I actually think could be louder but I need someone to listen to it on real monitors because I'm scared to do that and trust it in headphones.

In other news, I feel like I'm fumbling on the mastering side of things in jazz, should I be hitting it as hard as this:

Or is this a bit better?

I gave up on deciding if the phones were too loud for the overall balance in the last one there.

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