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Mix Critiques and Feedback / The Cars/The Birds Mix Critique
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:33:29 AM »
Hi guys.  Pretty much done mixing this song I'm working on for a good friend.  It's pretty "The Cars".  I tracked, mixed and mastered.

To me, I think the guitars sound pretty thin and uninspiring, but at times they work.  We were on a tight schedule.

Let me know what you think!

Hi guys.  First time poster.  I've realized no one is real enough with me these days to actually give me any feedback on my mixes. 
This is a mix for a band I did a few months ago.  Very surf, tame impala 60's-70's stuff. 

Drums were recorded in recorder man with a pair of oktava012's, beta 52a on kick and 57 on snare.  I kept the OH's pretty mono (snare sounded better)
Vocals- AT4040

It's pretty squashed, as I wanted it to feel that way a little bit.  I also realize the singer isn't the best. 

Anyways, any criticism would be greatly appreciated. 

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