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I attempted to make a mix of Tip Toe Through the Crypto of the Funk band Turkuaz. As always, suggestions for improvement are welcome.
Hope you enjoy,

The raw recordings were kindly provided by

More about the band:


I just did my first recording and mix of a scream metal song performed by Changing Tides. Hopefully not too bad, but for my feeling it needs further improvement. Thus, all comments are welcome. The more specific the better.

I will make the raw tracks available at

Hi all,

I just finished a new composition: Seven Monkeys.

I have put this together in Cubase using several softsynths but also real instruments (Nord Stage, Guitar, Tenor Sax), which I recorded myself. More details can be found here:

This was actually the first time that I recorded a real sax (just in my room, with an SM57 and Rode NT5. Probably the recording is suboptimal, and the sound in the mix was the best I could do. Any suggestions on how to improve the sax sound are therefore appreciated.

I can provide more details and all the tracks if someone wants to have a go at this.

All other comments are also welcome



Mix Critiques and Feedback / New mix: Through My Eyes (Jay Menon)
« on: May 31, 2014, 05:10:11 PM »
I created another mix (Through my eyes, from Jay Menon).

These tracks were kindly provided by the Cambridge MT multitrack library to practice mixing. All original performers, recording engineers, Cambridge MT and others are acknowledged.

All comments are appreciated.

See also:



My son is play lead guitar in Silent City (metal band). They just composed there very first song and had the opportunity to record this in a studio (actually the other way around ;-).
Anyway, I received the raw tracks from the studio, and tried to make a descent mix out of it.

I had a hard time with the vocals. Next to correcting some of the pitches, it seems to me that the recording was not very good (the raw tracks sounds very dull). I ended up using an exciter in one of the send channels and adding that back to the mix.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome. thanks.

Raw tracks can be found here:

Mix @soundcloud:

Mix Critiques and Feedback / My very first mix
« on: December 03, 2013, 08:23:59 PM »
Hi all,

Recently my band recorded a demo. The studio has given me the raw recordings such that I could have a try with mixing myself in Cubase 7.

My approach was 'straightforward'. I bought the book 'Mixing Secrets' from Mike Senior, started with Chapter one and worked through his book while simulteneously using one track from the demo as an exercise. This is a cover called 'Als ze er niet is' from the Dutch band 'De Dijk'.

Obviously, this isn't something that I did in a few days. And I'm still learning but I think I have a good start. There are things I still want to improve, but for now I would like to have as much feedback as possible, which I will use for a next mixing round.

All your input and efforts to comment will be highly appreciated.

Here it is:


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