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Mixoff Contests / Actions EP Contest - Pop Punk/Rock (3 Tracks)
« on: May 22, 2012, 12:43:41 AM »
Actions were based in the South of England and unfortunately spilt up earlier this year. I had the joy of recording 3 tracks with them last October and I've decided to put them up on here as it was a very consistant recording session, however each track has its differences - so it won't be a simple copy and paste mix!

Here's their last single:

I will be judging the mixes on these 3 points:

Overall Quality of the mix/master.
Mix Consistency - They all need to sound like they've come from the same CD.
Creative Input - Any quirky effects or extra parts you choose to put in.

Here are the multitracks

There are 3 tracks in there. Devil's Words, South Of The Water and One Minute Smile. All the tempos are included in the folders.

A few things to look out for:

- You will most likely be sample replacing all the drums. The kick drum was recorded with a trigger, however the rest of the kit was mic'ed up so the option is yours.

- These are commercial songs, so loudness is of key importance. These tracks need to blend into any radio playlist etc.

- The vocals are already compressed and tuned.

- No rough mixes. I want the finished full product.

Other than that, just have fun mixing them! The winner will be announced a month from now on the 22nd of June.

Hi, my name's Arthur and I'm a producer from Essex.

I've contributed one or two tracks onto here, but due to a lack of online file storage space I've only been able to do one at a time - meaning a lot of people miss out on mixing some of the tracks I upload.

I've just invested in a premium DropBox which means I'm able to upload all of my stems for you guys without worrying about taking them down.

With that said, I'm looking at running a small competition.

I'm going to upload an entire EP that I've recorded. I'll be looking for overall quality, mix consistency and creative input.

Not entirely sure what the prize will be, but it'll be good.

Check out some of the tracks I've produced, it's gonna be one of these most likely.

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