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Audition Mixoffs / Re: Album mixing offer, rock, "nickelback style" ;P
« on: March 06, 2013, 06:29:51 PM »
Hi Guys

First of all I want to say that I really like the song and the way that it was recorded.  I Insert a L2 maximizer on the Master Bus to raise a bit the overall level but this should be taking off in case of a serious mastering.

Audition Mixoffs / Re: Album mixing offer, rock, "nickelback style" ;P
« on: March 02, 2013, 01:55:06 PM »
Hi guys

I want to make sure that the dead line is MArch 7th because i´m just saw this post a couple of days ago and i want to participate.



First of all I want to thanks Mike for all the effort that he did on reviewed all the mixes (mine included) and John to create this awesome forum.  

Thanks to YG for give us their tracks to participate in this contest.

Here is my revised Mix I hope you enjoy it!!



Mixing Talk / Re: Real World Reference Monitors
« on: April 16, 2011, 03:21:48 PM »
Anyway the solution was ARC.  I laughed at this for a long time.  I saw all the rational as to why it wouldn't work.  Until a reputable engineer recommended it and I heard his results I was still weary.  I decided to take the plunge.  After 20 minutes of use it was clear that this is the single best purchase that has improved my mixing EVER. 

Excuse me, but I dont understand what is ARC. Can you explain with more detail please?

Hi guys

My name is Manuel and I just got here in this forum, saw this post and here is my mix. I hope you enjoy it and post some comments.   


Hi Manuel, I've not reviewed many mixes so I hope this helps you.

Bass sounds really nice, you managed to get a heavy sounding bass without it being too over powering and muddy. I thought the drums had a bit too much reverb for my taste at the start but sounded better when the main riff comes in.  The vocals come through nicely and the delay works really well.  Overall I think this is a good attempt. Keep it up.

Thanks for your comments and sorry for taking so long to answer it. 




This is one of the wetter mixes we've had so far, but the balance in general is nonetheless very nicely managed on the whole, and there's also a nice sense of dynamics, both in the short term and in the longer term. In particular I think this may be the best mix-only solution to the final chorus entry I've heard so far, which you've pulled of by a clever sleight of hand: by recessing the meatier midrange guitar frequencies during the mid-sections and keeping a firm lid on the bass (it's normally inclined to eat the rest of the mix for breakfast in the second mid-section if left to its own devices), you've then given the main chorus guitar riff much more impact by making sure it's rich in the very midrange energy that the mid-sections were lacking, and the bass doesn't feel a let-down either. An impressive solution to the problem without recourse to overdubs. (And I thought it wasn't possible -- oh ye of little faith! :))

The bits of this mix that convince me the most are the larger-scale sections, where the richer effects landscape really comes into its own to make the production full and epic-sounding. The snare is a highlight for me, because it manages to make its presence felt strongly, without being either very bright or very spiky -- it's got that elusive midrange sustain that I've already mentioned so often, achieved comparatively conventionally in this case with judicious compression and reverb, it sounds like. For my own tonal preference I'd prefer it to have more high end to bring it more in line with the brightness of the cymbals, but it already functions perfectly from a balance perspective as it is. The kick, toms and cymbals fit together beautifully too, with the possible exception of the low tom, which does seem to boom a little on occasion. I also wonder whether the cymbals might be a bit rich in the 5kHz region, especially in the middle section and outro when the guitar tones get more strident. Switching to small speakers does reveal that the kick doesn't survive too well there, however, so I'd be tempted to give that a bit more high end for the choruses at least.

I've already alluded to the quality of the bass-guitar processing, but it really is exemplary -- rock solid control and a lovely rich sound, but without overloading the low midrange such that the guitars have no room for their own warmth frequencies. It also comes through beautifully on small speakers.

So far so good. However, there are a number of areas where I think improvements could be made. The first main point I'd make is that while the heavier use of reverbs has its benefits in terms of making the very biggest sections of this mix impressive-sounding, I think that the effects are perhaps making the whole production sound a little too smooth and lush. It's not that I don't like 'smooth and lush', but this is a rock band carrying a bucketful of angst, and it seems like it's getting slightly sugar-coated. Back off the returns by a couple of decibels and give the mix a little more overall compression, however, and I think you'll find yourself back on the right side of the line there. More of an issue, is that I think that there's not enough contrast in the effects use from section to section, which waters down the verse/chorus dynamics for me. Get the automation going and pull back some of the more epic treatments for the verses in particular -- it's surprising how effective this can be at breathing extra life into an arrangement.

In addition, I think you could maybe have a bit more front-back depth going on by varying the send levels a little more between different tracks, especially in terms of the vocals, which feel like they could take a good couple of steps forward in the balance. However, I don't think it's only the reverb levels which are holding the vocals back, so I'd probably bring their fader up at least a decibel across the board into the bargain. The vocal tuning could be tighter too, in the choruses especially, and the consonant flams between the lead and double-track are still a bit distracting for me. The sibilance feels a bit out of control on the choruses too, so it's probably time to get busy with a de-esser. The chorus BVs are quite nicely done in terms of having a greater sense of distance than the leads, but I'd weed out a bit of their low mids to avoid clogging up that area of the mix. You've made an interesting choice by panning them to one side only, but it does rather imbalance the stereo picture for me -- there's nothing on the other side of the image performing a similar duty. I suppose you could say that they're balancing the riff guitar, but it doesn't really feel that way to these ears.

Overall tonality might benefit from some tweaks: I found myself adding a couple of decibels at 900Hz and 8kHz, and dipping out a little 3kHz too, to get closer to the Thrice reference, for instance. I'd also have a close look at the phase relationship between the overhead mics in particular, because the mix feels like it's losing a lot of 'height' in mono.

Criticisms aside, though, this is a really nice-sounding mix in a lot of respects, so thanks for sending it in. You've pushed the sense of size about as far as anyone has so far, and it's great for everyone to hear a good example of the possibilities available there.

Hi Mike

First of all Thanks for taking the time to review my mix and everyone else.

I discovered this forum the last Saturday before the deadline so this track was a 1 day work.

The first thing that concerned me about this song was the long term dynamics because I wanted to have a cresscendo sensation with a big explotion in the outro so I worked very hard to make that illusion but without doing any overdubs because I wanted to have the original guitar tracks that were recorded to retain the same tone of the instrument in all the song.  

I havent listen to the Thrice reference so this mix is just my approach without any external influence. Now I´m going to concretrate to have a mix most close to the references.

About the FX , in the first place I wanted to have an epic kind of mix with a lot of things going on but like you said in your comments maybe is better to have a raw sound with more power between sections and playing with the sound of the instrument rather than the effects.

Thanks again for listen to my track and I´m going to do the changes that you mention and improve my mix.


Hi guys

My name is Manuel and I just got here in this forum, saw this post and here is my mix. I hope you enjoy it and post some comments.   



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