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I had a look through the comments from Mike and have re mixed the track again.  I personally think its a better sounding mix and included gtr dubs this time which has helpped so much.  If anyone has time please check both versions out let me know if you think this is better and any other feedback would be welcome.

Here is my mix:

Love the kick-drum sound in the verses -- velvety, but powerfully insistent. It probably needs some high-end boost during the louder sections of the mix to bring it out better on smaller speakers, though. The cymbals sound fine too, although they might perhaps be smoothed out a little with some cut at 5-6kHz. I love the sense of sustain you've achieved with the snare. It's not the longer tail that some people have gone for, but more of a brief burst of energy focused around the attack so that it doesn't become just a 'bip' even when the guitars are at their most aggressive. (I'd be interested to know what you used to achieve this, in fact.) Could it have a fraction more low midrange? I can't quite make up my mind on that. :) The toms feel a little indistinct, though. It's like I'm not quite sure where they're coming from, even though they seem balanced fairly sensibly.

The bass tone is well-judged, well-controlled, and translates pretty faithfully to small speakers, which is all good. At times, though, I wonder if the bass could balance with the kick a bit more equally in the sub-100Hz region. The guitars are in general rather low in the balance, even if I drive the mix hard into a loudness processor (thereby ducking the drum peaks), and I think they could afford to fill out the texture more across the board. While the tone of the chorus guitars seems fairly sensible, and there's decent separation of the two lines, the mid-section guitars feel like they're rather lacking in the low midrange, which leaves the bass alone to provide the power in this department. Even in Berk13's mix, which scoops out a good deal of midrange to assist with the long-term dynamics, there's still a suggestion of low-end weight in there that prevents the bass guitar feeling too disconnected. I'd also like to hear more stereo width in these parts if possible, because their image is rather narrow at the moment. (That said, the mono-compatibility of this mix is very good currently, so be careful not to compromise that if you can.)

The vocal also seems a little on the thin side, although that's partly on account of the tonal character of the mix as a whole, which feels a couple of decibels shy in the 2kHz area, as well as a touch too crispy at 9kHz. Still, even taking this into account, I think the breathy upper frequencies are perhaps overplayed. Sibilance is also a problem throughout -- whether you stick with this tone or not, some de-essing would be advisable. I like the verse spot effects, which provide some welcome ear-candy, but using that heavy chorus-like treatment carries with it a danger of dating the sound, so I'd probably choose delays myself out of preference. I like the way the LV and double-track are blended together in the choruses, and also the BV tone and effects, but the latter are mixed too low for me, especially in the outro section, and I remain to be convinced about their unbalanced stereo spread.

The main comment I have about this mix, though, is that I would want it to sound subjectively 'bigger' in a general sense. That's partly a question of just turning up and spreading out the guitars, but you could also perhaps use a bit more compression on the drums and the mix as a whole, as well as considering adding in things like additional overdubbed layers or faked double-tracks. However, don't be tempted to turn up the reverb, because I think that's already been taken as far as it can at the moment, and you'll risk washing things out if you go any further. Delays, on the other hand, are probably worth further investigation, because of the way they can add sustain without many of the less-desirable side-effects of reverb.

Thanks for submitting this mix. You've got the workings of a very good balance going there, especially in terms of the way the drums and bass fit together. (Thanks too for bearing with me while I caught up! :))

Thank you for this opportunity, it is always good to get more experience and the feedback you have left has been a good help.

To get this snare sound, I used the ‘snare up’ with a gate with a fast attack and a more slow release time.  I used a waves VEQ 4 with a boost at 180 by about 9dB, 470 by 6dB, 4.7 by 7.2dB and 6.8 by 8.5dB and had the analog button on.  I then add a waves L1 limiter.  I balanced this out with the 'snare down' which had a similar gate setting but nothing else on it.  Both are sent to a stereo bus, using the waves RVerb, started off with a pre set of Studio A and then changed it slightly to what I needed.

Again thank you for taking the time to listen, I will be working on this a bit more with the points you have made. 

Here is my mix:
I haven't done any mixing for a while and found this very enjoyable.  I would appreciate any feedback anyone has for me.

Just realised I've skipped over you and critiqued Berk13's mix first -- I got confused with all the download links and everything. Sorry! I'll get to you first thing on Monday.

Don't worry about it, I'm still happy that you'll be listening to it after the problems I had with the settings on soundcloud.

Sorry not sure why this isnt working.  i've just got my mail now so this should work.

Ah. I'm getting it now, but I still need the download option to be active to listen to it in the studio. It should be in the options somewhere.

I swear one day I'll manage to get things done in one go.  Sorry again, hope you enjoy.

Here is my mix:

Is this link active? Soundcloud is giving me an error message.

Sorry not sure why this isnt working.  i've just got my mail now so this should work.

Hi guys

My name is Manuel and I just got here in this forum, saw this post and here is my mix. I hope you enjoy it and post some comments.   


Hi Manuel, I've not reviewed many mixes so I hope this helps you.

Bass sounds really nice, you managed to get a heavy sounding bass without it being too over powering and muddy. I thought the drums had a bit too much reverb for my taste at the start but sounded better when the main riff comes in.  The vocals come through nicely and the delay works really well.  Overall I think this is a good attempt. Keep it up.

Here is my mix:

I haven't done any mixing for a while and found this very enjoyable.  I would appreciate any feedback anyone has for me.

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