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Killer! Thank you for the replies.

Nickl... I certainly could put up the multitrack I suppose, however it's not exactly a full song. It's just a small piece I wrote and performed by myself, with programmed drums. If I were to post the multitrack version, do you think it'd be cool even though it's not a full song and all the drums are sampled?

hi MurderMachine,
i´ve listened to your mix. First, i really like the vocals and the guitar tones are not bad.
On drums i only hear kick- toms are tiny in all realation and most times i cant hear the snare...
cymbals are ok in my opinion.
Generally it sounds a little muddy - by comparsion with cephalic carnage
so i hope you´re dont mad at me- it´s only my opinion and i try to be honest...

greetings, alex

Hey there! Vocals and guitar are definitely what's most important to me, so thank you. But of course, in a mix it's about the whole picture. I totally see eye to eye with you on the drums, but in terms of mudiness I quite dig where it sits, lot's of console and tape saturation!! Haha. But perhaps I over did it. Thank you for the feedback, it's always awesome to hear things from the other end. Cheers!

Hey there!

Recently I've been only working on death metal / heavy metal projects, but I want to increase my palate of abilities when it comes to mixing other genres. In order to gain confidence before charging clients for the work, I've decided to join the forums and participate in the mixoffs.

Looks like a great thing you guys got going on here. Hope to see you all and to hear your mixes soon! In the mean time, check out my latest death metal mix:

Let me know what you think!


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