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Here's my rock/metal production reel:

Let's post some pop-rock:

And grunge:

Mix Critiques and Feedback / Re: A pop-rock female voxed song
« on: September 09, 2015, 02:29:28 PM »
Thanks for the feedback!

Have just noticed the reply in this thread.
The sample pack is Rock EZX blended with RoomSound samples (which are my favourite for rock).

I'll definitely ask the band, regarding making a mix-off out of this song. :)

I agree that the drums does not fit the overall sound well, and also, they sound too familiar (which I won't prefer personally).
The song have a good melody.
I'd suggest to make the overall sounding fatter (guitars-wise especially) and change the drum samples to something else. :)

Mix Critiques and Feedback / A pop-rock female voxed song
« on: July 15, 2015, 03:44:56 PM »
I've recently recorded and mixed this band. Also, played bass and drums parts for this song.

The guitars are my Krank Custom head with Engl E412SS cab, mic'ed with a single SM-57.
The bass is Jass Bass through the Mark Studio 2.

Would appreciate any feedback! :)


Hey, mates!
I offer mixing, mastering, re-amping, editing (drums quantizing, guitars, vocals tuning etc.) Have worked in different genres for years: there are metal/rock works as well as lighter stuff (pop, soft-rock, blues, acoustic, new-age etc.) Some of my works are available for listening on the SC channel (there are published releases as well as practice/tests/stuff for fun/my songs etc.):
If you're looking for a particular genre, let me know - I'll try to find some examples which might meet your demands better.

Check my site to see the gear list (I'm going to provide a detailed list very soon) & the studio description:

I do a free preview mix for everyone, once your raws meet the requirements (they are quite common though, I've just collected the list for convenience purposes). Hear what you may get before you pay anything!
The same thing for re-amping and mastering.

Since I've just started the thread here, I offer free reamping for a while (depending on the current workload). So if you're interested, prepare the DIs, some reference track (to know what you're striving for) and contact me to get them re-amped through the available gear (Mesa, Engl, Marshall, Ashdown, Krank Custom, KPA). Kind of a teaser.

If you're interested in the service, feel free to contact me via email

Good initiative, Arthur!
Vote for Actions! - Devil Words. :)

Mix Critiques and Feedback / Re: Acoustic Pop Punk Track
« on: April 27, 2012, 12:00:01 PM »
Some strange room on the lead vox. It's compressed pretty hard - so the room sounds obviously.
Also there's an advice not to make all the delayed back vocals so clear. Try to cut high end of them, use some reverb (but not too much) to distant them.

Maybe more deepness & volume on the strings?

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