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Author Topic: Tardy Introduction  (Read 1756 times)

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January 07, 2012, 02:30:28 AM
Hello - I was thrilled to find your site a short while ago and jumped right in - after taking to heart the moderator's advice to make a couple of critiques before posting my own mix in a Folk mixoff - and have since regretted the rather impoverished and unhelpful comments I made.

I say this because I have spent a lot of time since then reading commentary and critiques in exchanges between members who know what they're talking about!  I have been playing around with mixing in an irregular way for a couple of years now.  My lengthy background is in television audio and film sound, with a little bit of live engineering and mixing for a local morning show. I learned a few things getting just one pass at 630 am for a 730 am performance from a rock band who may or may not have slept since the bar closed on their show the night before.  Anyway, I digress.

I have a decent set-up that I use for audio post-production for the occasional video project I work on. I use Logic Pro 9 for this work, and since this DAW is mostly under-utilized, I began looking for things to mix so that I might learn.  I find that I love it.  I entered several mixes in an entire album re-mix contest for Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) for their first collaborative album and was thrilled to have one of them accepted.  That lit a fire, and I found where I have dabbled since (I recently submitted a mix to the Ken Lewis competition).

However, I am not a re-mixer in the sense that the term is - as I discovered- widely understood over there. Though I have a couple of decent guitars that I noodle around with for my own amusement, I am definately not a musician and I cannot do what they do.

Which is a long way of saying that this site is exactly what I was looking for and I hope to be able to participate and learn about the art and the craft of mixing. I don't feel adequately equipped to make incisive critiques, but in reading what others write, I hope to learn about the art of listening so that I might be able to contribute a little more than "um, sounds good."

So, thank you to the people who make this site go and manage it.  It's a fantastic resource.  If you can, have a listen to my Let You Go mix.  I can tell you that I probably tend to overmix vocals and undermix the bottom end, but I definately have a preference for the sizzle over the boom and I'm trying to moderate that.  ;)


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January 07, 2012, 06:38:31 PM
Welcome to the site!

Any critique is useful, of course, even if it's just 'I think the guitars are too loud.' Believe me, those of us mixing for clients get less insightful comments all the time!

Glad to hear you're enjoying the site, and thanks for the intro!